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Monday, June 30, 2008

Culinary "Adventures"

On Matthew’s day of we went on an adventure with Dad and Pam to do errands. ( I find if I call it an adventure Matthew is more willing to go and seems to last longer through the day). Our first stop was Tai Pan Trading, where I gained a testimony of international commerce. While I am still morally opposed to the whole practice of slave labor I just can’t seem to resist the great d├ęcor at fantastic prices. So I joined the world of Tai Pan Trading converts. While there I found a set of Asian - style dishes that I love and was inspired to try my own concoction of homemade Mongolian BBQ that night.
As we continued our “adventure” we all went to the St. George business expo where Pam met up with her old BFF (not that the friend was old but they are old friends…..and not that they are old but….you get the idea) Pam decided to invite her friend over for dinner who also brought a friend with her. I was excited for the occasion but also a bit nervous that these new friends happened to be coming on concoction night.
As everyone settled in for dinner Matthew and I manned our stations as head chefs and cooked up everyone’s individual dishes. As we were finishing our meal Pam’s friend’s friend announces that he is a gourmet restaurant owner and has a trained pallet……this is where I slid under the table. The only comfort I could offer myself was that at least it wasn’t clean out the fridge meatloaf night (which is actually quite delicious and one of my specialties but not something you want to announce to company) I gathered myself together and took some joy in our mutual passion for good food and it’s tantalizing mixtures.
The night went on and, as Matthew says, “it’s all about the banter.” I was greatful for the conversation since it took the focus off the food. As Matthew and I had our “post entertaining event rap up” I learned two valuable lessons
1. There is a lot to be said in keeping the house only 10 minutes away from company
2. Don’t let the dishes determine the meal or you’ll be eating the same thing every night or have to buy more dishes
After our dinner adventure Matthew and I brushed our teeth (video on the link) and hopped into bed. We kissed each other goodnight and rolled into our respective positions (me on the edge of the bed holding on for dear life and Matthew continuing to edge me off the bed) as I lay there dreaming of egg rolls and dim sum the thought hit me, if we are what we eat then Matthew and I are pretty weird concoctions but I must say, “life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death!”
As a side note, I’ve discovered why it’s taken me so long to blog. A while ago I invited everyone to see my Facebook page which I update several times a week. So, no more saying that Jessica and Matthew don’t update their page! We have all our pictures and videos there and since we have had extreme technical difficulties because our files are to big we have put them on facebook and will include the ones on the blog that they will allow. But, being true to my word, we will continue to blog every Sunday come St. George heat or high water!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

"I'm one stomach flu away from my goal weight"

Attention: This blog is not for the faint of heart

Par Mindy's request, I am blogging every Sunday as part of my reverent activities. And to emphasis how committed I am I am blogging even in my weakened condition!
On Thursday night from about 10 till 4 am I had the opportunity to study ever detail of our bathroom as I was hit with a small bout of diarrhea. Feeling much better on Friday but not wishing to share the fun with others I chose to stay in my room for the day and recoup.
On Saturday I woke up in my usual cheerful manner, called out the window to my animal friends to have them join me in a happy little working song as we did our Saturday cleaning. As I was merrily skipping about the house singing and dusting, it hit me! I thought perhaps I just need something to eat since it was now around 11 and I had yet to obtain substance. I quickly discovered that food was not the answer! I returned to my bed in hopes that some rest would help me to recover. As the day progressed I found myself falling deeper and deeper into the pit of despair! Pam immediately came to my aid with all sorts of remedies, eye of newt, dragons scale, and Wet Burch Bark. I was so grateful for her help and promises that I would feel better soon.
After having “the run” every 20 minutes or so for 8 hours I was ready for some help. We called doctor dad and nurse Matthew and pled for aid. Dad said that among other things that my duodenum (which connects your stomach to your small intestines) was inflamed and clogged. As the pain worsened I didn’t so much care what the problem was but how to fix it. I was desperate for some relief. Pam and I tried everything we could think of but to no avail. Finally, after over 8 years, the silence was broken. I threw up. (This is such a rare occurrence for any Hunt woman I thought it worth mentioning). At that point I knew I was at a new extreme. I finally felt some relief which was quickly taken from me as I turned on the television to the the food network……big mistake! I found myself sinking lower and lower, so, to keep my mind off of food I came up with a song that I sang over and over again. I think I’ll share it with you

This short little ditty really helped my through some ruff spurts! As I felt life slipping farther and farther away and saw the lights getting dimmer and dimmer in the distance I knew I was in real trouble when I was dad’s face. His jaw slightly dropped and his eyes bulged when he first saw me. When I finally looked in the mirror I understood his reaction! I looked like ‘Kiss’ after being hit with a coal truck. Not a pretty sight. (Matthew just said I looked like the jet puff marshmallow guy with 2 black eyes….he wanted to remind me that I was bloated)

So dad and Matthew offered a blessing and Pam said a prayer but it wasn’t till 2 in the morning that relief came. I was desperate for a reprieve. I tearfully turned to Matthew begging for a release. He offered a prayer and within minutes I was asleep and slept for a whole 2 hours. After that I began to improve and could fall asleep again for short bits as Matthew kept his hand on me and messaged my back. I truly couldn’t have survived without him!

Today is Sunday and I’m doing much better. I can now sit up without getting nauseous and I have managed to keep down several swallows of Gatorade. Because of Matthew’s superior nursing skills I made him a nurses’ hat. Now no one will wonder who the best little helper is!

So, even in my desperately week condition, where I can’t stand up without help and can only flush if I muster all my strength, I have blogged my little heart out. I hope this fulfills my commitment to Mindy for my blogging requirements. Who knows, after this blog she may change her mind!