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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

...And we're back!

I have entered the BLOGGING WORLD! This is Matthew, by the way. So once we set up this blog we quickly realized that we didn't have the know-how to maintain it. At least that is our excuse for not keeping it current.

The latest news is that we have purchased a car. Yippee!!! We hope it will fair a little better than our last, which was a Hawaii 'island car' that died everytime we approaced a stop sign. So, if gas prices don't sky rocket out of control, even more than they already have, we might be able to leave Dixie and visit ya'll.

Jess is happy and still loves me, can't believe that we're two weeks away from our 2nd anniversary!

Jess says, ALOHA TO YA'LL!!!

Pictures of Dad's 'B-day suit' will be forthcoming! Jessica continues impressing with her patented line of clothing.

Finally, we would like to thank our beloved and loyal fans who stuck with us through these months of bloglessness. To ya'll and the rest in that big wide world....we're back!