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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Milledrive - Food, Inc (2008)

Here's to the slow food movement! If anybody says they can't afford to "eat healthy" this will prove they can't afford not to! If two newlyweds living on a college budget in hawaii can afford it, anybody can!! This is an hour and a half long movie (plus about 10minutes of buffer time) So grab a bag of organic edamames, put the kids to bed, and enjoy the show!

Milledrive - Food, Inc (2008)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We're Ready!!!

Aloha! We are so excited to share the news that we have completed our paperwork and we're now available to adopt! Though we have had several generous offers from friends for us to adopt them, we have been hoping for someone younger, and more Samoan :) Feel free to check out our link at it's about love and to forward others there as well. We are so excited for the opportunity to adopt! Thank y'all so much for all your prayers in our behalf and helping us get the word out. We have a testimony, now more than ever, that it's through others that our Heavenly Father answers prayers. Thank you again! We are so grateful for all y'all! LoveMatthew and Jessica

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Danger of Comfy Pants

Last year for my Christmas pajama’s Matthew bought me a pair of extremely comfy pants and a soft cozy zip up sweatshirt. I immediately fell in love with them and wore them whenever I had the opportunity. When we moved to Hawaii I couldn’t bring myself to pull them out of the suitcase since I was already dripping in the heat and humidity. I left them there to wait for a cooler day at a latter time.
The other day I went rifling through my suitcase to find some books when to my utter glee I came across these comfy pants. I longingly remembered the peace and joy I had previously felt when I wore them on those brisk winter and spring days back on the mainland. I thought how nice it would be to once again feel the soft, calming fabric against my skin. To cuddle up with a handsome man and a good book. I knew nothing would be more rapturous then to again feel that magic around me. Without a second thought I was resolved. I ran through the house opening all the windows. I turned on all the fans and savored every moment as I slipped into my blissfully comfy pants. Though no where near what could be deemed as “chilly” I was able to wear my comfy pants without discomfort in regards to the temperature. I quickly found our latest dickens novel and set out to make my blissfulness complete. I next found Matthew and made him sit on the couch and let me sit on his lap while I soaked in the ecstasy that was my current state. After a sentence or two Matthew got hot with me sitting on him in my winter attire, the cool breeze had ended and thus my comfort as well and the moment of elation had ended.
The battle of the comfy pants had been lost but the war was not yet over. The next day was dark and wet and could definitely be categorized as “winter “weather. I once again slipped on my comfy pants and enjoyed the gentle material and all it entailed.
Those first few days were such a comfort, A sweet reminder of winter and a joyful cue to prepare for the Christmas season. But, now here I sit, dishes in the sink, surrounded by my homework on every turn, Christmas to be prepared for, a husband to feed, laundry to be done, and a lesson to plan. Oh the danger of comfy pants! They lure you into their blissful rest till WHAMO! You’re hooked to their cozy, cottony, comfort and have lost the drive. I keep saying “tomorrow, tomorrow I will go back to my shorts and put these away.” But then the rain comes and a cool breeze blows and the idea of those comfy pants and a cup of hot chocolate tempts me away to a perfect pants paradise.